Stevie Hoff

Stevie Hoff

Office Manager

Want to talk about a woman ruling a man’s world! There will not be any objections whatsoever at Par One to saying that it is really Stevie who runs the show and keep them all in line. She is likely the first one a customer comes into contact with. She will strike you as confident, friendly, thorough, and personable . . . unless you dare touch her desk. And then all bets are off. She likes her systems and organization, which is precisely why Par One is so efficiently managed.

Stevie is a creative and fun-loving family woman. She does differ from the boys at Par One however, and not just in being way more stylish than they are . . . but also in NOT loving the great woodsy outdoors! She does love the beach, but you may also find her curled up indoors with a good book. She’s become a pro at managing the guys, thanks to her experience at home with her two boys of her own.

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As the owner of Par One Construction, my priorities are my customers and my family. I pride myself in the quality of work we perform and the relationships we build as I strive to continually grow a business that I can pass down to my sons and grandsons.