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Siding Installation in York, Hanover, Dallastown and Dover, PA


Siding Installation

Siding Installation is a specialty area at Par One Construction, Inc. in East Berlin, PA. Our team provides high quality work that will be sure to withstand harsh winter seasons as well as severe summer thunderstorms. There is a lot that goes into siding installation and Par One makes sure to cover every detail with expert precision while using technicians who are Vinyl Institute certified.
Siding is an important part of any home. It is what people see when passing by, but it also has another important purpose. Siding helps protect from the outside elements. Siding is more than just the finish and skin of a home's exterior.
Siding Installation - Siding in East Berlin, PA

Siding that will last

When deciding on a siding for your home, there is the option of many different grades. Cheaper types of siding with lower grades will look nice upon installation. However, cheaper grades of siding do not take long to split, deteriorate and self destruct. That could happen in as little as a year. When choosing any type of siding at Par One, the minimum we offer is a grade of 044. To offer a comparison, a builder's grade used on new construction is 040. A grade of 044 is more of a premium one and will be able to withstand hail the size of golf balls. The grade of siding generally depends on its level of thickness.

Vinyl siding

If you opt to go with vinyl siding, there are all different architectural styles and colors to choose form. The first step in the process is deciding on which vinyl is right for your home. You can choose from Cedar Shake, Vinyl Log and much more. An advantage when choosing vinyl siding is that there is no special cleaners needed to maintain its upkeep. Just hose it off and your siding will return to a brand new look.
Modern House - Siding in East Berlin, PA

Cement board siding

This is a popular choice and is an enhancement above a vinyl siding. It is a very durable and also a rugged kind of siding. It is very true in its look and offers the appearance of actual wood more so than vinyl siding. Cement board siding stands up to tough weather and it's only downside is that it is a painted product with a paint warranty that lasts 15-25 years.

House wraps

With every siding installation, Par One includes a house wrap. House wraps are a moisture barrier which allows moisture to pass only one way. Moisture from inside the house can breathe and get out, but the outside rain and weather cannot get in. A house wrap also stops air transference. It is not an insulator but does prohibit air from coming through.

Siding options and quality

There are many options to choose from when you select Par One Construction as your siding contractor. We handle new construction as well as siding installation on older homes in need of an upgrade. All of the latest ways to make your home durable and attractive are an everyday routine for our team.

When seeking out the top siding contractor in York and Adams County, make Par One Construction your one and only choice for top quality service. Contact Rick and his team today.

Siding Repair

The elements of nature can take a toll on your home's siding. Severe winds can actually rip vinyl siding clear off your home, leaving you with a terrible eyesore. That is when it is time to call in the professionals at Par One Construction. Our siding repair service will restore the quality of your siding and get your home back to looking the way it should. There are a number of reasons which will call for siding repair, which include the following:
New House - Siding in East Berlin, PA
  • Hail storms – Hail can cause severe damage to siding.
  • Wind storms – Heavy winds in thunderstorms and blizzards can actually detach siding.
  • Window leaks – When a window starts to leak it may not be caused by a faulty window. Water may be actually coming in around the vinyl siding because it was not flashed properly. This is a common occurrence in siding installation jobs that were not finished off with a house wrap.

Matching siding requires extra skill

Matching up siding is not always as easy as it sounds. Vinyl siding purchased a year prior to sustaining damage are generally easier to replace. However, siding that is ten years old is not so easily replaced. Manufacturers will change their lineups quite frequently, which sometimes makes it difficult to get an exact match. Par One is very good at matching up siding, but there are times when outdated siding will call for more than just a replacement since that type of siding is no longer in existence.

Insurance Siding Solutions

When Mother Nature wreaks havoc on your home, insurance companies often step in and foot the bill. Par One Construction works with insurance companies to repair hail damage or other kinds of damage sustained in a storm. When a storm rips siding off the front of a house, insurance companies will pay to reside the entire front of the house.
A common problem some homeowners will hear from siding contractors is they cannot get that same kind of siding due to a discontinuation of that particular style of siding. That would then mean that the entire home would need to be resided to make sure all the siding matches. Par One will lobby for homeowners in these instances recommending to insurance companies that the  Read more
Siding Repair - Siding in East Berlin, PA

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Siding repair is just a phone call away as residents of York and Adams County can reply upon the experts at Par One Construction to get the job done right.