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Emergency Storm Restoration Services in York County, PA,


Roofing Hail Damage in York, PA,

After a storm passes many individuals do not realize that pieces of hail may have just caused damage to their roof, siding, or gutters. The hail size, density, shape, and the velocity and angle of its fall all effect the amount of damage you may or may not sustain.

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Hail damage to roof tops often times cannot be seen from the ground, and that is a big reason why the idea of hail damage hardly ever crosses a homeowner’s mind. When it comes to your roof, hail spots are not just a cosmetic mark you can ignore. Even the smallest hail impact on a shingle can lead to major problems by leaving areas directly exposed to the elements of weather. If this continues without repair, you will be susceptible to leaks and even larger and more costly issues.

When considering hail damage, look for some of these signs: dented gutters, gutter screens, downspouts, siding and windowsills/casings, or any other signs of impact. If you think you have hail or storm damage – have your roof looked at by a professional right away.

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The Best Hail Storm Damage Repair in York, PA,

While storms may be something to be in awe of, they can also do a lot of damage to your house. Strong winds, heavy rain, and even hail can damage your roof, siding, and even your windows. It’s even possible that the strong winds may blow a tree onto your roof. When you’re faced with storm damage, you need storm restoration in East Berlin as quickly as possible. Leaving your home exposed to the elements will only cause further damage to your home. Trust your storm restoration to the professionals at Par One Construction. We’ve been helping families for years with their hail storm damage repair needs. Here’s what you need to know about our storm damage repair services in York, PA, and East Berlin.

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A hail storm can cause serious damage to your home. Some of the ways that it can impact your home are:

  • Destroying roof shingles
  • Shattering glass windows
  • Stripping siding
  • Car damage

Hail damage is caused by the severe beating down of large chunks of ice against your roof. Like rain, hail falls from the skies extremely quickly. With that velocity, it can cause serious storm damage. The damage can be made even worse if the hail is large. Your roof may be left in pieces as a result.

Luckily, our team is ready to help. A hail storm in York Springs can leave your home in a state of emergency. Large gaps may be left in your roof because the shingles were ripped apart. When you need emergency hair storm damage repair, you can count on us.

Our team will arrive quickly at your home in York County or East Berlin and fix up your roof. We won’t leave you exposed to the rain. You’ll want to act quickly to limit the amount of water damage your home takes.

We Can Restore Your Roof After Storm Damage in York, PA


When you need a roof repair in York County, PA, because of storm damage, our services are all yours. Our team will come to your home and inspect the storm damage in York. Because of our experience, we’ll be able to determine whether you need hail storm damage repair in York or roof replacement in York, PA.

In some situations, your roof may be better off with a replacement. The storm damage may be too severe or your roof may be too old. To get the most out of your money, a replacement is a better option. You can expect our team to work with you to help you determine what’s the best course of action for your specific case.

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A hail storm can cause a lot of damage to your home. Inexperienced roofers may not be aware of the extent of the damage. As a result, you may only receive minimal repair work. The next time a storm in York Springs comes through, your house may feel the consequences of their inexperience.

Don’t let your home take on water. Rely on our experience with storm restoration in York Springs. Our storm restoration services are the best simply because we’ve been doing it for years. We’ve seen terrible storms in York, PA, over the years. Yet every time, we’ve been able to help families with storm restoration to put their lives back in order.

Another benefit of our storm restoration in York County is that we keep our prices affordable. You shouldn’t have to empty your bank account just to ensure your home is a safe place to live. With us, you’ll be treated like family.

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