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Roofing Contractor in York, Hanover, Dallastown and Dover, PA

Par One Construction, Inc. in East Berlin, PA is a full service Roofing Contractor in York County that can repair and install any kind of commercial or residential roofing. When you choose Par One, you will be getting a GAF certified master elite installer. Hiring a GAF master elite installer comes with a 25-year Gold Pledge warranty. That includes labor, materials and workmanship. No matter what goes wrong, GAF will honor any replacement free of charge for up to twenty five years. That is just one of the benefits you will receive when you choose Par One.

New Roof Installation

Most roofs will need to be replaced after 15 to 25 years as harsh weather can take its toll over the course of time. Par One Construction repairs and installs every type of roof by stripping it down to the bare deck and verifying the structural integrity. We will then replace your roof as well as all roofing components. Part of our process is also to ensure proper ventilation and exhaust throughout the roof. Par One installs the following kinds of roofs:
New House - Roofing Service in East Berlin, PA

Asphalt Roofing

Asphalt shingles are very popular in the residential community. This type of roof is cost efficient as asphalt shingles are very durable. There are also many different styles and colors to choose from. Asphalt roofs are also a popular and economic choice for commercial properties.

Metal Roofing

There are a lot of options when it comes to metal roofs. These are metal roofs that look like shingles, slate and even shake. We also offer a 20-year workmanship warranty with our metal roofing. This type of roof can really enhance the look of a home with an assortment of colors which fall under the Energy Star rating and may provide you with a tax credit at end of the year.
Metal Roofing - Roofing Service in East Berlin, PA

Rubber Roofing

This type of roofing is usually reserved for flat roofs that do not have enough of a slope to use asphalt shingles. Rubber roofs are lightly used in the residential community but very popular on the commercial side. However, they are often used on a home addition, such as a porch or sunroom where the roof is flat.

Cedar Shake roofing

Wooden cedar shake roofing will not provide the same type of warranty as an asphalt roof but it does provide a beautiful look. These are more commonly found on high-end residential homes. They are not as cost efficient as other types of roofing but definitely stand out from the rest.

Slate Roofing - Roofing Service in East Berlin, PA

Roof Repair

If your roof can be salvaged, our team will go to work replacing shingles, flashing and whatever is necessary to keep your roof in working order. We will come out and assess your roof before making any recommendations. We would never make any unneeded roof repairs. Our roofers can come out and fix normal wear and tear while also doing insurance work as a result of storm damage.

Par One services homes and businesses and continues to be the top roofing contractor in Hanover PA. Par One also offers roofing service in Gettysburg, and all of York County including Red Lion, Windsor, York Haven, McSherrystown and many other surrounding communities.

Roof Repairs

Par One Construction provides repairs to all kinds of roofs whether it be cedar, shingle, rubber or any other kind of material. Our roof repair team is also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the event your roof springs a leak and needs to be fixed right away.
Identifying a leak can seem difficult to the average person, but the qualified team of roofers at Par One will diagnose the problem immediately. Some leaks might actually be 10 to 15 feet away from where water is coming through the ceiling. We are qualified and experienced at detecting where the leak is coming from no matter what kind of weather is bearing down on your home.
Roof Repair - Roofing Service in East Berlin, PA

A leaky roof can cause all kinds of damage including the following:

  • Dry wall damage
  • Rotten wood
  • Insulation
  • Mold
Most of the time, there are three common causes which lead to a leaky roof. Regardless of what kind of home you live in, most leaks are due to the following conditions:

Pipe Boot Roof Leaks

Plumbing pipes run up to the roof and there is rubber around that, referred to as a pipe boot that sits atop a roof. While some roofs may be built to last 50 years, that rubber will not last as long. Extreme temperatures in both winter and summer will force that rubber to deteriorate and eventually split, causing water to leak down into your home. It will actually begin to leak for some time before you see a spot on your ceiling. We will replace that rubber and seal it so that your home remains dry.

Bad Flashing Causing Roof Problems

There is flashing in place around the chimney and sidewalls. The mortar on chimney will break down over time. When that happens, the flashing in between the joints of the brick or block will begin to break loose. That will cause water to get inside and cause a leak. A Par One roofing specialist will take out the old flashing and seal it properly by spraying the entire chimney with masonry sealer. We also will replace all the flashing so that it repels water instead of absorbing it.

Clogged Gutters Can Cause Roof Leaking

During long, cold winters, water can freeze inside gutters and turn into blocks of ice. Water then has nowhere to go so it pushes up into the roof line. That causes leaks along the outside walls of the house because water is not draining properly. Par One uses a three-foot ice and water shield to stop that problem and keep it from happening again.

24-hour Emergency Roof Repair Service

Par One always has someone waiting to take your call and will dispatch a repair crew to your home or business. We will find where the water is coming from as we take the time to go inside your attic to find the leak right away. Residents in need of roof repair in York, Hanover, Gettysburg, Dallas town and Shrewsbury among other nearby communities can contact Par One to bring an end to their roofing troubles.

Roofing Inspections

There is much to be said about having a roof over your head. It is one of the comforts of owning a home. However, no roof is going to last forever. Eventually, there is going to be some kind of maintenance done to your roof.
Sometimes those problems are only minor ones. But detecting those problems early can keep them from turning into major ones. A roof inspection by Par One Construction can discover those problems before costing the homeowner big bucks on roof replacement.

Visual Roof Inspection

Par One's comprehensive roof inspections are FREE!

Par One's roofing contractors actually get up on the roof and check every part. A roofer will walk back and forth while checking for the following problems:
Roofing Inspection - Roofing Service in East Berlin, PA
Nail Pops – These are nails that pop and back up out of the plywood. The result creates a hump in the shingle. The nail winds up wearing through the shingle and will create a leak if left unattended to.

Pipe Collars – These are vents for your plumbing. There is a small rubber boot that is sealed around the pipes coming up through the roof. These typically last only last 8-10 years.

Flashing – Faulty or missing flashing could cause a roof to leak. Some flashing becomes undone because of harsh weather and rain. Flashing surrounds the chimney and could cover other areas on a roof as well.

Cap Shingles – It is not uncommon for cap shingles to loosen due to high winds. From ground level, these are sometimes difficult to notice when they are missing.

Ridge Vent – All the nails around a ridge vent must be properly sealed. These can come loose over time, which would cause quite a few problems.

Roof age – Everyone usually wants to know how many more years a roof will last. Evaluating the age of a roof will provide a pretty good idea of how many years are left on a particular roof.

Interior Roof Inspection

Many roofing problems can be attributed to poor ventilation in the attic. Par One sends its roofing contractors in the home to look for the problem areas inside the attic. The team will check for proper ventilation and also look for any signs of water infiltration, which could also be a major problem. There will then be recommendations made on what needs to be done to ensure longevity of your roof.

Preventative maintenance

Roof inspections are a form of preventative roof maintenance and recommended once every five years. Par One Construction offers this service for free as an alternative towards eventual roof repair. Our service is available to residents of York and Adams County.

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Roof Replacement

If you are in need of roof replacement in York County or Adams County, the qualified team at Par One Construction can bring an end to your rainy day. Par One spends a great deal of the spring, summer and fall re-roofing homes and businesses all over York and Adams County. We are also available for emergency roof replacements during the winter months.
Roof Replacement - Roofing Service in East Berlin, PA

Residential and commercial roof replacement

Par One can replace any kind of residential or commercial roof including metal, asphalt, rubber, slate and more. There are many perks that come with choosing Par One and some are as follows:

Quick completion of your roof replacement

Our roofers can complete most jobs in one day, which is something probably 90% of roofers cannot promise. Our work crews are scaled up or down according to the size of a roof. It is our goal to make sure your roof is not susceptible to a sudden thunderstorm. We aim to get in and out as fast as possible with quality workmanship and a commitment to excellence.

GAF Master Elite Roof Installer – 1 of 3 in York County

As a GAF certified master elite roof installer, Par One uses all only GAF products, meaning that you get the best of the best. We use a GAF water shield called Weather Watch as well as GAF's Tiger Paw which is the company's underlayment. This is important because it is synthetic and more efficient than felt paper, which is used by many roofing contractors. The problem with felt paper is that when it is stapled there are suddenly two holes in it. Another problem is that roofers are walking around on top of it which can damage the felt paper. Our GAF synthetic underlayment does not rip and tear. Even if you did not put a shingle on top of it, Tiger Paw is guaranteed to not leak for six months.
Repair Roofing - Roofing Service in East Berlin, PA

Use of a dump trailer

Many roofing companies will use a dumpster which could sit in your driveway for up to a few days and also cause damage or cracking in your driveway. Par One uses a dump trailer that sits on rubber tires and will not damage your yard or driveway. When we are finished, we take our dump trailer home, which also makes for a more orderly workspace.

We focus on maximizing the life of your roof

In any of our roof replacements, our team will properly ventilate your roof to make sure there is proper air flow which will maximize the life of your shingles. Not only will you get top quality products, but you will also benefit from the services of a master elite installer.

Par One provides roof repair services in York and Adams Counties. Give Rick and his team a call today.

Commercial Roofing

Par One Construction offers commercial roofing services in the York County and Adams County. We are a GAF Certified Master Elite Roof Installer that can not only get the job done quickly, but we get it done right. Some commercial roofing requires shingle work while others have combinations of different type of roofing. Whether it is metal or rubber roofing, Par One can meet the demand of your commercial property. Our typical clients tend to be lighter commercial buildings and some of our most recent clients are as follows:
  • Banks
  • Churches
  • Veterinary hospitals
  • Day Care centers
Commercial building - Roofing Service in East Berlin, PA

Commercial roofing requires special skills

There is a difference between commercial and residential roofing jobs and that starts with the specifications for each one. Commercial roofing generally calls for a higher grade of material, meaning thicker rubber or heavier shingles. Commercial roofing also involves a lot more penetrations coming up through the roof. That would mean more vents, especially in an industrial building that feature significant kitchen space.
Par One Construction has carved out a reputation on the lighter side of commercial roofing. That means taking on decent size roofing projects while refraining from ones that might include a large superstore or industrial complex.
House and canopy roofing - Roofing Service in East Berlin, PA

You can count on Par One Construction

Project managers can also benefit from using Par One because our roofing contractors can take care of roofs that require metal, rubber or shingles. Additionally, we can take care of siding on new construction, which means one less contractor for a project manager to hire. By enlisting the services of Par One Construction, project managers can take care of multiple needs at one time.

Businesses in York and Adams County seeking a quality commercial roofer need to look no farther than Par One Construction.

GAF Roofing Guarantee

Only three roofing contractors in all of York and Adams County PA can offer a GAF Golden Pledge warranty. Par One Construction is among that exclusive group as a certified Master Elite installers. That means that there are more benefits Par One can bring to its customers in warranties as well as guarantees.
Master Elite

What is GAF?

GAF was founded in 1856 and has grown to become America's largest commercial and residential roofing supplier. It has also set high standards in the industry with quality products that are guaranteed to withstand the test of time. The company has won countless awards and has developed top-of-the-line products in the roofing industry.

Three levels of roofing certification

GAF has also established three levels of certifications which signify the quality of a particular roofing contractor. Those certifications are broken down into the following three levels:

Authorized roof installer

It is not extremely difficult to become a GAF authorized installer. A roofing company basically needs to have an insurance policy and make the claim it is indeed a roofing contractor. This distinction places roofers on a list stating they are authorized installers without being able to offer customers any perks.

Certified installer

Once an authorized installer has successfully been in business for a while, GAF will invite them to be part of of its certified group of installers. A certified roofer can offer an extended warranty to customers which covers materials. However, certified installers do not have to use of everything that GAF has to offer.
Golden Pledge
For every roof that is completed by a certified installer, GAF sends out a survey. A certified installer has to maintain a score of 95% or better on all of its surveys. If the score dips below that mark, a roofing contractor is put out of the program and cannot return.

Once a roofer has established five years as a certified installer, they could have the option to become a master elite installer. Nevertheless, that invitation is not extended to everyone. Only the very best are invited into master elite status.

Master Elite Installer

This is the highest distinction a roofing contractor can receive from GAF. It means they are authorized to sell customers GAF's Golden Pledge Warrantee. This warranty covers labor, materials and workmanship for 25 years. In the event that there is a problem in the next 25 years, GAF will replace the materials and have a master elite installer repair your roof for free.

Once a roofing job is completed by a master elite installer, there is follow up to ensure everything was done correctly. GAF will send someone out three to four months later to do a 40-point inspection, making sure every procedure and practice was followed. If for some reason the roof does not pass inspection, the certified master elite installer will have ten days to go back and fix whatever issues arose.

Certified Master Elite installer is a very distinguished status, one that Par One is proud to offer residents of York and Adams County.