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Kitchen Remodeling in York, Hanover, Dallastown and Dover, PA

When it comes to kitchen renovations, some homeowners are looking for just a simple procedure while others are looking for a completely new look. Whatever changes you are looking to make in your kitchen, the team at Par One Construction, Inc. in East Berlin, PA can take care of the kitchen remodeling job from start to finish.

Kitchen Design Services

Our team can design a new kitchen, complete with a totally different floor plan. We can relocate plumbing, electrical receptacles and outlets. What may seem like a daunting task for the average homeowner is just another day at the office for Par One Construction. We install a vast selection of counter tops, which include everything from Granite to Quartz to Formica.
Kitchen - Kitchen Remodel in East Berlin, PA
Kitchen cabinets are also available in a wide array of choices. If you need to move around your water lines to design the kitchen of your dreams, our team can accommodate. Par One Construction also takes care of securing the proper permits needed for kitchen renovations.

Kitchen Remodel Features

As part of our kitchen remodeling services, Par One Construction will replace or upgrade any part of your kitchen. No job is too big or small. Some our kitchen remodeling services are as follows:
  • Adding new counter tops with new sink fixtures
  • Installation of new flooring
  • Complete rearrangement of kitchen
  • Installation of new lighting
  • Relocation of fixtures
  • New garbage disposal installation
Natural light in kitchen - Kitchen Remodel in East Berlin, PA

Complete kitchen service from start to finish

During many of our kitchen remodel projects, customers have come to us with a wide range of requests. In addition to the more common installations, Par One Construction has also repaired sub floors underneath of kitchens to make sure new cabinets would align properly. We have even taken rough-cut, old wooden planks from barns and sent them to a mill where an original hardwood floor was made. We then installed that flooring to provide a unique and original look to the remodeled kitchen.

Our team can bring in recessed lighting and even add a raised bar to your kitchen. We have also redone existing fireplaces in kitchens so that it matched the exterior brick of the home. The choices are unlimited when you remodel your kitchen with Par One Construction.

We serve customers in York and Adams Counties. Give Rick a call today at 717-292-0761 or use our kitchen remodeling contact form to discuss the possibilities for your kitchen remodel.