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FAQs in York & Adams Counties


Six Common Roofing Questions We Get

1. Is Par One Construction properly insured?

Yes. Par One Construction is covered with liability insurance and our employees are covered with workers' compensation. Most companies do not offer workers' compensation insurance, although it is very important at Par One Construction. Our PA Contractor number is PA006885. Make sure you research the contractor you are considering on the PA Attorney General Contractor website.

2. What kind of warranty comes with a roof installed by Par One Construction?

That really all depends on which roof a customer buys. A customer could purchase a replacement roof or a replacement roof system. There are different warrantees available depending on a customer's budget. We offer a Golden Pledge warranty as well as a standard workmanship warranty, which spans 20 years. It all depends on which option you buy and a Par One representative will explain each warranty in full detail.

3. Do I need a permit for a roofing job and how do I go about getting it?

This varies from township to township. Some townships require permits for certain jobs and some do not. If a permit is required, Par One Construction will take care of securing that permit. We handle that entire process.

4. What is the clean up like on one of your job sites?

We take care of all roofing cleanup during and after each job. Before we start a roofing job, our team will cover all of your landscaping so that it is protected from any kind of falling debris. When a job is finished, we gather up even the smallest debris by going through your front yard back yard and driveway. All the debris is put into a dump trailer which we take away for disposal.

5. What kind of roof ventilation systems do you install?

Par One Construction installs all types of roof ventilation systems including ridge vents, gable vents, power fans and much more. The right ventilation system will save you money in energy bills and prolong the life of your roof. One of our specialists will recommend which type of ventilation will work best for your home. It all depends on your roof line, overall area of your roof and any ridges on your roof.

6. How soon can you start a roofing job?

We typically run on a two-week schedule. If a customer called today, we would have the job completed in two weeks. Par One Construction strives to complete its roofing jobs in one day, making sure to bring enough manpower to each job site. Upon your initial consultation, Par One will determine how many workers will be needed to get the job done quickly. More than 80% of our roofing jobs take one day to complete.