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Bathroom Remodeling in York, Hanover, Dallastown and Dover, PA

Par One Construction, Inc. in East Berlin, PA specializes in all types of bathroom remodeling. There is no job too big or small as we can provide you with a simple upgrade or design and install a whole new bathroom.
Much like kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodels can include something simple like the replacement of a counter top or vanity. Then there are more involved jobs that often come with relocating many of the fixtures within the bathroom. Whatever your choice, Par One Construction can accommodate your needs.

Our bathroom remodel services include, but are not limited to following installations:

  • Tile floors
  • Showers and tubs
  • Glass doors
  • Vanities
  • Lighting
  • Sinks
Modern Bathroom - Bathroom Remodel in East Berlin, PA
Par One Construction can go as far as to provide your bathroom with a whole new floor plan. We can relocate every major fixture in a bathroom. That means moving the sink, shower or toilet to another part of the room. On some remodel jobs, we have actually taken a closet out of the adjoining room to provide more square footage in the bathroom.

From major bathroom remodels to smaller remodels

These kinds of jobs are considered to be major remodels and can span much more time. Some of these more complex jobs, which require the relocation of each fixture, could take anywhere from two to three weeks. More simple bathroom remodels, in which all the fixtures remain in place, can take as little as two to three days. These smaller types of remodels can provide you with a brand new bathroom at very affordable prices.

Bathroom renovations, in which the fixtures remain in place, could make for a relatively inexpensive project. The relocation of fixtures is what generally causes prices to increase.
Toilet Ware and Tiles - Bathroom Remodel in East Berlin, PA

Exceeding your expectations is not just talk at Par One

In the past, Par One Construction has completely remodeled bathrooms while our relocation of duct work has actually improved from a cost efficiency standpoint and given homeowners a better return on the air unit.

If you live in York or Adams County there is no bathroom renovations that cannot be brought to life with Par One Construction. Contact Rick at Par One Construction today to discuss your options.